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This wiki's purpose is to become a directory of all wikis opened at

How to add your wiki to the directory

Create an empty article

Named by your wiki, Enter the following address in the address bar:

FOR EXAMPLE - if your wiki's name is "Moviepedia", the page would be

Use template

Place the following template in your empty article


save the article and edit it again. The basic structure is now in place.
replace the following parameters in the above example:

wiki_name = the name of your wiki
description = a few words that describe your wiki
language = your wiki's interface language
main_cat = Main category
img_logo.ext = image logo filename. you have to upload the image first


your article (in edit mode) should look like the following example:

{{index|wikimiu|my wiki is about the greek letter miu|english|letters|miu.png}}

and after saving, the article should look like:

Description my wiki is about the greek letter miu
Language english
Main Category letters

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